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Spanish non-lucrative residence permit

We assist our clients with Spanish residence permits "employment excepted" and no work permit is linked with that kind of residence permit in Spain. Clients must settle their living costs in Spain from foreign income or bank savings. For each renewal, the requested amount of bank savings must be shown and can be used between renewals to cover living costs in Spain.

After 5 years a permanent residence permit-EC can be applied (there are stay requirements, however, no Spanish language skills are necessary) and clients have full access to the Spanish labor market and social welfare system thereafter. Furthermore, a permanent residence permit-EC enables our clients to take up residence in other European countries as well.

Applications can be submitted for this kind of residence permit at any time, however, we recommend our clients to start the preparation of the application not later than 3 months before their intended stay in Spain.

Clients who intend to apply for an Spain RP "employment excepted" (without work permit) must

- dispose of about EUR 50,000 (precise amount depends on the family size) on a bank account in liquid assets.

We can also assist with bank account openings in Spain and other European countries.

Clients moreover, need to rent an apartment and require medical insurance coverage in Spain.

We assist our clients on a 100% success rate for this kind of residence permit. Regarding more information about our legal fees, we are available for a consultation and we are also available for a personal meeting at any time.

For more information please contact us under contact@europeanresidence.com or call us under 0034 93511 3062 (we are able to advise clients in Chinese, Korean and Japanese).

西班牙非盈利许可居留 我们向客户提供西班牙“无盈利居留許可”,该居留许可不可工作。客户必须通过他们在海外的收入或银行存款来支付他们在西班牙的生活费用。对于每次续签,银行余额存款单上所显示的金额必须能覆盖客户在延期期间在西班牙的所有生活费用。



有意申请西班牙“无盈利居留”(不可工作的居留)的客户必须在银行账户中的可流动资金达到50,000 欧元(实际金额按照家庭规模来计算)




欲了解更多信息,请联系我们contact@europeanresidence.com或致电0034 93511 3062(我们可以为客户提供中文,韩文和日文)