• Zürich Zürich is a leading global city and among the world's largest financial centres despite having a relatively low population.
  • Seealp-See Seealpsee is a lake in the Alpstein range of the canton of Appenzell Innerrhoden, Switzerland.
  • Basel The Basel region culturally extends into German Baden-Württemberg and French Alsace.
  • St. Gallen Neighbouring Germany and Austria, it also functions as the gate to the Appenzell Alps.
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Welcome to Switzerland

Switzerland offers residence permits based on fixed annual tax payments (lump sum taxation) and on the basis of investments. The amount of the annual tax payments strongly depends on the canton where residence is taken up, but generally starts at CHF 120,000 tax per year. Investments should be active investments and there is no fix threshold regarding the investment, however, should be above CHF 3 Mio. Clients additionally need to be included in the Swiss pension system, require private medical insurances and need to provide for a domicile.

As lawyer of your choice, we assist with agreements with Swiss Authorities and also with the search for suitable investment projects independently and for the sole advantage of our clients.

A Swiss permanent residence permit is possible after five years at the earliest. There are two different kinds of potential advantages clients may face: Clients, once they have obtained a Swiss permanent residence permit, can switch to normal taxation according to their worldwide income and property situation, or alternatively can even continue to pay annual fixed tax amounts, even if their worldwide income or property would lead to a much higher taxation while keeping their Swiss permanent residence permit status valid without limitations. Investments need to be active investments and we assist our clients with the search of suitable investments projects as with any other kind of legal assistance as company formation, employment issues and financings.